Facts and myths about sunflower oil

Sunflower oil is rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins and nourishing ingredients. We know it and we like it, though it more often can be found in our kitchen than our cosmetic bags. This oil is obtained in process of cold pressing from seeds of sunflower. It has many beneficial medical and conditioning properties. What facts and myths about sunflower oil can we come across? Let’s see, shall we.

[FACT] Sunflower oil used for food cannot be used for conditioning.

That is the truth that for skin and hair care you should use cosmetic sunflower oil. It all depends on the type of oil – refined oil is great for cooking, and unrefined for cosmetic purposes. Refined sunflower oil is usually cheaper, has changed proportions of fatty acids and can be harmful for our skin.

[MYTH] Sunflower oil isn’t good source of nourishing ingredients.

Source of this myth about sunflower oil is unknown, but the fact is that sunflower oil is really great source of nourishing ingredients. In its composition you can find 90% of essential fatty acids, vitamin E and other vitamins, vegetable sterols and complex of minerals (selenium, zinc, copper, iron). It makes sunflower oil nourish skin and hair on the outside and on the inside.

[FACT] Sunflower oil can be used before sunbathing.

There was a time when women who used oil for sunbathing were laughed at, but modern researches proven that they might be right. Taking into consideration protective properties of unrefined sunflower oil (it won’t work with food oil), it is perfect protective filter against harmful UV radiation. Against the common believe it doesn’t enhance tan and if you use it then apply only few drops on the entire body.

[MYTH] Sunflower oil causes blackheads.

The myth about weighted down skin by sunflower oil probably evolved from the fact that many women use refined sunflower oil in everyday skin care (see first point), which actually can be harmful to skin. Cosmetic sunflower oil has light, liquid formula and doesn’t clog pores. In contrary – it cleanses, regenerates and soothes skin irritations.

[FACT] Sunflower oil should be kept in the fridge.

We marvel over seeing oil kept in the fridge by our friends. Yet, sunflower oil should be kept in cold place, best in bottle made of dark glass to limit sun radiation. We of course talk about unrefined, natural oil from sunflower seeds, used in cosmetology. It can loose its valuable properties if it won’t be stored properly.