Sunflower oil in cosmetics + List of the best hair care products with oils

Do you know the properties of sunflower oil. Probably yes, even though it is more often associated with kitchen and cooking than with cosmetics and beauty treatment. It works really well in hair care. Learn more about it.

Bonus: a list of the best hair care cosmetics

Natural sunflower seed oil is available in several versions. In fact, the one used in the kitchen differs a bit from the cosmetic one, so try not to confuse these two. Stealing oil from the kitchen will not cause any damage, but it will be more effective if your sunflower oil is cold pressed (at less than 40 ° C), unrefined, without added preservatives and artificial dyes.

Sunflower oil – cosmetic properties

Very often, it is a base or appears as one of the further ingredients in cosmetics such as: milk, creams, shampoos, conditioners and even bath products. No wonder, because sunflower oil used regularly in skin and hair care brings many benefits:

  • strengthens the hydro-lipid layer of the skin,
  • works anti-inflammatory and regenerates,
  • provides antioxidant properties,
  • moisturises and softens skin,
  • inhibits excessive hair oiling,
  • slows the ageing process,
  • increases flexibility and adds glow,
  • protects against harmful sun radiation.

Hair Oiling With Sunflower Oil

with the use of natural sunflower oil, you can create a homemade hair conditioner or use it solo for oil hair treatment. It is a perfect product for oiling high porosity hair – damaged and dehydrated – because it contains majority of omega-6 fatty acids. It works well as one of the components of hair care products, therefore it is worth looking for it in cosmetics available in drugstores.

However, remember that not only sunflower oil has beneficial effects on hair.

While sunflower oil moisturises and strengthens hair, it does not provide it with other equally important properties. It is good if it is in the composition of hair care products, but other oils can effectively replace it. When searching for the perfect hair care product, always look for cosmetics based on natural oils and plant ingredients.


Definitely those, that contain oils and plant extracts. Also, they must be effective and have fully natural composition. Bare in mind that alcohols and silicones may harm your hair. Here are the most popular and the best products recommended for successful hair care.

Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair

One of the three innovative oils from Nanoil. The line offers the first products available on the market, matched to the three types of hair porosity. The results of thorough analysis of human hair and the effects of natural oils allowed to create a very effective product – Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair. It is designed for the care of straight, flat, resistant to styling, with tendency to become oily and taking long time to air-dry hair. The black bottle with golden elements and wooden cork is very elegant. Therefore, Nanoil is the combination of luxury and all-natural care.

Nanoil for low porosity hair

Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair:

  • It is the perfect composition of oils rich in valuable fatty acids. It contains nine natural oils: argan, castor, pine, maracuja, coconut, monoi, cupuacu, shea and babassu. Their effects are reinforced by a set of vitamins and sunscreen.
  • The product works not only on the hair surface (smooths, polishes, protects) but also inside (strengthens, regenerates and improves resilience), as well as inside the scalp (regulates pH balance, strengthens hair bulbs, moisturises, nourishes, inhibits seborrhoea). What is more, it contains two more valuable, innovative ingredients that are responsible for inhibiting hair loss and boosting hair growth. Also, the cosmetic facilitates combing and styling and speeds up the time required for air-drying.
  • Nanoil hair oil has a very light and quickly absorbing formula that ca be used in various ways, depending on your personal preferences (onto we or dry hair, overnight, as a hot oil treatment, etc.), for any part of hair and scalp. It leaves a delicate, fresh fragrance and a velvety layer on the hair, but does not weigh it down.

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating – hair maskMoroccanoil

It is a rather popular product from the Moroccanoil brand that is famous from developing products based on Moroccan Argan oil. Even though the producer uses this precious substance in every cosmetic, it does not mean that all the compositions are fully natural. This moisturising mask is designed for the care of dry and thick (or medium thickness) hair. It will not work well for fine hair as it can overburden it.

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask:

  • Contains natural argan oil of strong antioxidant properties. Unfortunately, it is the only natural ingredient besides flax seed extract.
  • It improves hair texture, resilience and shine. Also, the product facilitates styling, ensures proper moisture level and complements nutrient deficiencies.
  • It is a five-minute treatment in the form of a hair mask that comes in a 250 ml capacity. The cosmetic is moderately efficient as it is to be applied to damp hair. The short application period equals less intensive action.

L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Double Elixir

It is an express spray hair conditioner and one of many cosmetics from the popular line Extraordinary Oil, all based on natural oils. It recommended for hair that requires nourishment. This product is the least expensive ones in the entire review and its competitive price, unfortunately, equals small effectiveness.


L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil Double Elixir:

  • Thanks to the two-phase formula, the products works double. It combines a unique blend of floral oils and polishing serum that provides double action.
  • Theoretically, it contains as many as 6 essential oils, which in practice means only three oils (monoi, sunflower and soybean) and four extracts (camomile, linseed, rose and lotus). There would be nothing horrible about this, if not for alcohol, silicones and preservatives.
  • For dry or damp hair, it does not require rinsing and is easy to apply due to the spray form. The mist smooths hair, facilitates combing and adds softness. This, however, only works on the surface.

Yves Rocher Shine Rinsing Vinegar – Hair RinseYves Rocher Shine Rising Vinegar

Appreciated by many women, vinegar hair rinse is one of the cosmetics really worth having. Its popularity owes not only to its low price but also to its natural ingredients and excellent performance. It is kind of a return to the natural methods of hair care that have been around for years.

Yves Rocher Shine Rinsing Vinegar:

  • Contains organic vinegar from raspberries with natural acidity as well as smoothing and cleansing properties. Because of the low pH it perfectly seals scales, for example, after Nanoil treatment. It provides hair with shine and softness.
  • The formula contains no parabens, preservatives and silicones. The whole composition is quite clear and rich. Even though there are no oils or plant extract, it does not change the fact that it is a natural product.
  • Raspberry Hair Rinse delights not only with its pink colour and light formula, which does not burden hair. This is also a cosmetic with a very pleasant, fruity scent.